Dance Floor Hire | Low Price Waterproof And Easy To Fit Yourself

Easy To Install Professional Portable Dance Floor | Use Indoors or Outside | Fit Yourself Or Fitting Available

Flooring Fits In Most Small Cars

Easy To Lay With Minimum Effort

Hire Starts From Just

£99 + vat
For a 12' x 12' Dance floor

Do You Need To Hire A Dance Floor?

Our Dance Floors Are Low Priced, Weatherproof And Easy To Fit Yourself

Save money by picking up the dance floor from our premises in Isleworth, Middlesex and installing it yourself. It’s a complete do it yourself solution.


Portable Dance Floor Hire

Dance Floor Hire Direct is part of the R & M Rentals Ltd and have been trading for over 40 years. We offer the most cost effective solution to dance floor hire, with our unique range of American Portable Dance Floors suitable for both professional dancers as well as private use. We regularly hire our flooring to dance events as well as weddings and parties with one great price for all!

Weatherproof, Use Indoors Or Outside

Unlike most dance floors available for hire, our dance floors are 100% weather resistant. The unique flooring system allows water to flow underneath and is impervious to water. In fact we regularly jet wash them ourselves! how many other hire companies can claim that? The flooring due to the fact that it is weatherproof can be installed on patios, decking, concrete, tarmac, (not Gravel) directly onto grass (requires level and short lawn) as well as indoors on any level surface.

Colour Options

We have five dance floor colour options, light wood, dark wood, black and white, all black and all white. We do sometimes get asked to do patterned designs such as having a light wood center with an all black surround. This is not a problem although there would be a small charge for the extra time it takes for the team to arrange the flooring layout for you.


Sizing Options

The flooring is stored in three foot panels and we suggest for ease of laying that you use that arrangement when working out the size of floor you require. Generally customers require 12′ x 12′, 15 x 15′ or 18′ x 18′. Obviously though it will depend upon your venue, marques for example often require 12′ x 18′ or similar to fit their rectangular shape. When measuring your venue, please be aware the their is a 2″ edging that needs to be applied all around the flooring.


If you require a larger floor than 15′ x 15′ please also be aware that a people carrier, 4×4 or van may be required.

Flooring Options

Dance Floor Fitting Options

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Pick Up And Fit Yourself

This by far is our most popular option with around 95% of hires being picked up by customers from our secure warehouse in Isleworth Middlesex TW7. This option is also by far the most cost effective.


On arrival you will be let into our secure premises where our team will greet you. While your car is being loaded for you (or after if you prefer to stay with your vehicle), one of our flooring experts will take you through to our showroom where they will give you a full demonstration on how to lay the flooring as well as how to take it back up safely without damage. This is a great time to ask our team any questions or queries you may have.

A 12×12 floor fits in a Nissan Micra sized hatchback. If you have a hatchback and your rear seats fold all the way down, their shouldn’t be a problem for floor upto and including 15 x 15. If you are concerned your vehicle maybe too small please give our team a call to check. Also please remember to remove any obstructions such as child car seats, you would be surprised how often people forget.

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We deliver, Fit And Take Up The Dance Floor

If you a have a large event where a large dance floor or several dance floors are required or you have a corporate event where you physically do not have staff available to lay the floor, we do offer a full fitting service. Prices as you would suspect are based on when the floor is required, how many of the team will be required as well as what time the flooring will need to be collected. This service is only available upto a 20 mile south west of our premises in Isleworth, Middlesex TW7, (please check postcode first as certain postcodes we can not cover).

If you require this option please contact us with the details of your event and we will supply you with a quote.

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The last option is basically anything the other two doesn’t cover. We obviously realise that not everyone drives so you may just need the dance floor dropped off and collected but not laid or maybe even you just need the dance flooring picked up from the venue the day after the event. You get the general idea. Again due to it’s very nature, we would quote bespoke jobs based upon requirements.


Dance Floor Hire Pricing

Floor Size Example Hire Price
12' x 12'
From £99 + vat
15' x 15'
From £158 + vat
18' x 18'
From £227 + vat

These are examples of our base pricing for light wood effect, on a self collection and return basis, Dark Wood, Black/White Available at additional cost, if you require bespoke sizing options or fitting, please contact us for a quote.